With Memories On Their Backs - Honoring the Plight of Refugees

I want to bring an awareness to the universal needs and rights of every person, to have a safe place to live and an opportunity to thrive with out discrimination. It is my hope that people with take this experience and recognize that we are a nation of people with shared humanity.

Memories Performance at Japanese American National Museum, August 2019

Our Creative Team:
Artistic Director - Madeline Leavitt @madelinebloomleavitt @voicescarryinc
Choreographer - Chris Emile @chrisemile 
Original Music by: David Emmanuel @davidemmanuel310 & 
Gabe Steiner @_bigearl_ 
Shauna Davis @shaunaydavis 
Jobel Medina @jobelmed
Brandon Mathis @bmvthis
Carissa Songhorian @carissasonghorian
Gigi Todisco @gigifaye
Ruby Street @tanyajustine
Fia McArthur @mcarthurgirlzofficial

Associate Producer - @lisalechugabartoletti
Photographer Silvia Spross @headshot_still_photographer
Costumes by Autumn Randolph @mmmmylipshurt 
Sound By Leland Estrada @LelandEstrada
Assistant to Sound Erron Estrada
Video & Editing by Hsuan-Kuang Hsieh @isyet
2nd Videographer Yuka Murakami
Props, Graphics & Social Media 
By Lechetti Design @lechettidesign
Lisa D. Lechuga &
Evan A. Bartoletti

Memories Performance at Burton Chase Park 2018

Artistic Director - Madeline Leavitt @madelinebloomleavitt 
Choreographer - Chris Emile @chrisemile 
Original Music by David Emmanuel @davidemmanuel310 & Gabe Steiner @_bigearl_ 

Shauna Davis @shaunaydavis,  Adama Ideozu @adapicm, Jobel Medina @jobelmed
Brandon Mathis @bmvthis, Carissa Songhorian @carissasonghorian , Gigi Todisco @gigifaye
Ruby Street, Captain Langs, Fia McArthur

Sound by @svvdmrtnz and @lelandestrada
Associate Producer - @lisalechugabartoletti
Photographer @silviaspross Vidoegrapher & Editing Hsuan-Kuang Hsieh @isyet 
Costumes by Autumn Randolph @mmmmylipshurt
Stage Manager @mariebergenholtz 
Props, Graphics & Social Media 
By Lechetti Design @lechettidesign 
Lisa D. Lechuga & Evan A. Bartoletti