Holding Up the Sky   •   2003


Edited by: Ben Leavitt

Videographer: Jake Elsas


A fable about how women live through the devastating effects of war. Told by a cast of modern and Bharata Natyam dancers, Holding Up the Sky takes the audience on a sensual and powerful journey for peace, hope and courage. 

Photo by Katherine Donahue

Gascon Center Theater - Culver City, CA

Artistic Director, Madeline Leavitt

Choreography by Paula Present

Bharata Natyam Choreography by Madeline Leavitt,

Anjali Tata & Shaheen Sheik

Music by Hanna Levy & Ariel A. Blumenthal

Costume Design by Yoon Mi Choi

Lighting Design by Lisa Katz

Set Design by Evan Bartoletti & Lisa Lechuga

Photos by Carol Petersen