Madeline Leavitt - Artistic Director

Madeline is an eclectic stage director, choreographer and producer. Her work expands the boundaries of dance and musical theater by combining different forms of movement with the use of multimedia. 

Madeline Leavitt and Hanne Tierney in development for Strings Attached

She is currently working on a new dance piece about refugees: "With Memories on Their Backs."

Previous productions include:

Strings Attached, which opened at the Shakespeare Center of L.A. in October 2016, is planning a New York premier in spring of 2019.

Eating Rocks for Hunger (2009) 
  Miles Memorial Playhouse, Santa Monica, CA
Holding Up the Sky (2003)
  Gascon Center Theater, Culver City, CA
The Bride and the Brothel (2001)
  Gascon Center Theater, Culver City, CA

Previous Work

Director, Choreographer, and Producer - Santa Monica Alternative School House Theater Arts Program

Madeline directed the children’s theater arts program for nine years, mounting fifteen established and original productions, including: Antigone, A Midsummer’s Night Dream, The Elephant Man, and West Side Story.


Alice in Wonderland

West Side Story

Pippi Longstocking

Photos by Tom Randolph

Co-Director and Choreographer - Ishvani Dance Company

The Ishvani Dance Company performed classical dances of Southern India (Bharata Natyam) combined with theater pieces. Madeline was chosen by the California Arts Council as an Artist-in-Residence for her work with the Ishvani Dance Company.

The Pigeons  Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA

Mother and Child  San Francisco, CA

Artistic Director - The Mother Wrappers

The Mother Wrappers, was a women’s theater company that combined comic and Felliniesque sensibilities in their portrayal of women's issues.

Director, Choreographer, and Producer - Angels of Light Theatre Company, San Francisco

Director, Choreographer, and Producer for the premier avant garde theater group. The San Francisco Bay Area Critics Drama Circle nominated Madeline for best principle performer in the production of Holy Cow.

Parisites Under the BourgeoiSea  San Francisco

Castro Street Fair  San Francisco, CA

Parisites Under the BourgeoiSea  San Francisco

Hotel of Follies  San Francisco, CA

Photos by Daniel Nicoletta

Psyclones  San Francisco, CA